Work Related Correspondence

Letter from E. M. Forster, England, to CHIM [asking for copies of a photo portrait, in French], July 1935
Letter from Madeleine Braun, Comité international de coordination et d'information pour l'aide à l'Espagne
républicaine, Paris, to CHIM [asking for 2 photos for an exhibition, in French], Dec. 1936
Letter from Carlos A. Madrazo, director general Departemento del Distrito Federal-Dirección General de Acción
Social, Mexico, to CHIM, Leco studios, New York [thanking for help with an exhibition, in Spanish], May 1942
Letter from Jerry Mason, This Week Magazine, to Whom It May Concern [asking for documents for Chim to leave
US on assignment], April 1947
Telegram from Mason, This Week Magazine, to CHIM [Pictures sensational, congratulations], June 1947
Magnum Photos - credo document, May 1947
Letter from Eliot Elisofon, Time Life, Paris, to Stanton Griffis, US ambassador to Poland, Warsaw
[asking the ambassador to facilitate CHIM’s travels], July 1947
Letter from Lea [last name unknown], Leco Photo Service, New York, to CHIM [sending requested photo materials],
Aug. 1947
Telegram from Russ Anderson, World News, New York, to CHIM, Paris [c/o Dave Schoenbrun, Columbia
Broadcasting System, asking for portrait of the scientist F. Joliot-Curie], undated [1947]
Letter from F. Joliot-Curie, Haut Commissaire à l'Énergie Atomique, Paris, to CHIM, Paris [thanking him for sending
photos CHIM had taken, in French], April 1948
Letter from Inge Bondi, general manager, Magnum Photos, New York, to Robert J. Metz, Lambert Huppler Company,
New York [about insuring CHIM’s photo equipment], Jan. 1953
Letter from Robert Capa, London, to CHIM [about various assignments], Nov. 1953
Letter from David Anderson [Andy], head of photo section, Israel Government Press Division, Tel Aviv, to CHIM,
Paris [about CHIM’s photos of Israel appearing in Life], Jan. 1954. [In the 1960s Andy headed the Capa -
CHIM photo contest in Israel]
Letter from Michael Todd, Magna Theatre Corporation, New York, to CHIM, Magnum Photos, Paris
[regarding planned story on the new Todd-AO cinematic process], Feb. 1954
Letter from CHIM, Athens, to Robert Capa [about Magnum business and the Gina Lollobrigida photos],
March 1954
Letter from Henri Cartier-Bresson to CHIM [about the death of Cartier-Bresson's father, in French], March 1954
Letter from Mrs. Eugene D. Thomas, Oklahoma, to CHIM, c/o Holiday Magazine, [requesting to purchase CHIM's
photos accompanying Joan Comay's "Land of the Bible" story in Holiday Magazine], Jan. 1955
Letter from Vincenzo Carrese, Publifoto photo agency, Milan, to CHIM, Rome [regarding visit by Monsignor Montini
to Pirelli factory and Gina Lollobrigida captions], May 1955
Letter from CHIM, Rome, to Carrese [about working with Mike Todd to photograph the making of
Around the World in 80 Days
], Aug. 1955
Letter from Stanley White, Chief Press Officer, UK Atomic Energy Authority, London, to CHIM, Paris
[thanking for sending pictures], March 1956
Letter from [illegible], editorial department, Photography Magazine, London, to CHIM, Paris
[about likelihood of including a CHIM photo in the Photography Year Book 1957], April 1956
Letter from Camilla Cederna, l'Europeo, Milan, to CHIM [about photographing Maria Callas, in Italian], May 1956
Letter from CHIM, Rome, to Renato [thanking him for helping with photos of Maria Callas], July 1956
Letter from M.L. Bousquet, Harper’s Bazaar, Paris, to CHIM, Rome [asking CHIM to photograph Richard Avedon
at work with Fred Astaire (shooting Funny Face)], May 1956
Six letters concerning photo story about Italian actress Anna Magnani:
           Letter from P.M. Surrey, photo editor, Weekend Magazine, Montreal, to Gisèle Freund, Paris
           [asking her interest in photographing Anna Magnani and her son], May 1956
           Letter from Gisèle Freund, Paris, to CHIM [suggesting he's better suited to photographing Magnani and
           her son than Freund is], May 1956
           Letter from CHIM, Rome, to Gisèle Freund [CHIM is sorry he has no time to photograph Magnani], July 1956
           Letter from P.M. Surrey, photo editor, Weekend Magazine, Montreal,to John Morris, Magnum Photos
           [still waiting to hear whether CHIM is interested in shooting Anna Magnani], August 1956
           Letter from John Morris  to P.M. Surrey, photo editor, Weekend Magazine, Montreal
           ["we’ll see what Chim says"], August 1956
           Letter from JMG [John Morris, on "Memo from Magnum" letterhead], to CHIM [attaching correspondence
           and noting the Magnani assignment is canceled], August 28, 1956
Letter from Georges Cravenne, film producer, Paris, to CHIM, Paris, [thanking CHIM for the amusing photo
of [Robert] Favre Le Bret (founder of the Cannes Film Festival), in French], July 1956
Letter from Richard Okamoto, photo editor Esquire Magazine, New York, to CHIM, Paris [hoping to meet up
with CHIM in Europe], July 1956
Letter from Sylvia Lyons, Italy, to CHIM [asking him to forward to writer Irwin Shaw, in Paris, a photo of Shaw’s son
taken in New York], undated [1956]
Letter from CHIM, Rome, to Irwin Shaw, Paris [forwarding the photo sent by Lyons], July 1956
Letter from Olga [last name unknown, on "Memo from Magnum" letterhead], to CHIM [expenses for Epoca from
Doria story] , Aug. 1956
Memo from CHIM, Magnum president, to Magnum Stockholders [about upcoming November Magnum meeting
in Paris], Oct. 1956
Letter from Lucien Legrand, dancer and professor at the Paris Opera, to CHIM
[thanking for photos, in French], 1956
Four letters discussing CHIM’s efforts to relocate WW1 posters liked by Robert Capa from Charlie Allchild's
bar in London, 1956