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Letter from Fleur Cowles, Look Magazine, New York, to Maria Eisner [later Lehfeldt] , New York
[about Vatican book with regards to CHIM], Nov. 1949
Letter from CHIM, Taorina, Sicily, to Maria Lehfeldt, March 1950; and typed copy of this letter
Letter from CHIM, Milano, to Maria Lehfeldt, [Discussing Magnum problems about leadership and relations
with Robert Capa (Bob)], April 1951
Letter from CHIM, Athens, to Maria Lehfeldt, Sept. 1951
Letter from CHIM to Maria Lehfeldt, May 1956
Letter from Maria Lehfeldt, New York, to CHIM, Rome, [Judith Friedberg will deliver scientific film
made by Hans Leifeldt], May 1956
Letter from CHIM, Rome, to Maria and Hans Lehfeldt, New York, July 1956
Letter from Maria and Hans Lehfeltd, New York to CHIM, Rome, July 1956