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Letter from Ingrid Bergman, Rome, to CHIM, ["You are a marvelous photographer and I am a marvelous
baby maker"], Oct. 1952
Cable from Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman to CHIM, Paris [thanking him for photos and asking for more],
Oct. 1952
CHIM's text about his visit to Ingrid Bergman, Paris, 1952
Letter from W. Attwood, Look Magazine, to Ingrid Bergman, Feb. 1956
Letter from CHIM, Rome, to Bill (W. Attwood), [progress report on the Ingrid Story; going to Cannes
with Ingrid by train], May 1956
Letter from W. Attwood, Look Magazine to CHIM, Rome [“enthusiastic about your Ingrid pictures”], June 1956
Letter from CHIM to Bill (W. Attwood), July 1956
Excerpts from article about Ingrid Bergman with CHIM's photos, Look Magazine, 1958