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Letter from CHIM to Woody [Norton Wood], Sports Illustrated, [getting ready to film the Rome Horse show],
April 1955
Letter from Norton Wood, Sports Illustrated, with Time Inc. heading, to CHIM, Rome [Very pleased with the
Horse Show story], June 1955
Pictures from the Rome Horse Show, 1955
Letters from Norton Wood, Sports Illustrated to Chim, Rome and to Walter Guzzardi, Time, New York
[Rome Horse Show story will not appear; can CHIM do more shots to update and be used the following year],
April 1956
Letter from CHIM, Rome to Norton Wood, [CHIM will take more shots and make sure nothing momentous
has changed: "I can hardly wait till 1957"], April 1956
Letter from CHIM, Rome, to Norton Wood, [sending rolls of film taken at Rome horse show; will do the Sardinia
horse show story as requested by Guzzardi, Time], May 1956
Letter from CHIM, Denmark, to Woody [Norton Wood] via Magnum New York, with a note added to John [Morris],
[sending black and white prints from Danish experience; shot a lot of color photos and wants to know how they
came out], July 1956
Letter from Norton Wood, Sports Illustrated, to CHIM, Paris, [color photos are good, Rome Horse show
shots with Ingrid Bergman and Kim Novak, Sardinia story sounds good], July 1956