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Letter from CHIM, Rome, to Riccardo Zucchi, general manager, Royal Hotel Danieli, Venice, [sending him copy
of Newsweek with Venice story], Aug. 1955
Letter from CHIM to Dott. Pellizon, Ciga, Venezia, [thanking for help in Venice story for Newsweek], Aug. 1955
Letter from Frans [?] Newsweek, to CHIM, [quoting letter he sent to Frank Gibney suggesting topics of work for
CHIM including Thomas Mann and Agatha Christie, Aug. 1955
Letter from CHIM to Frank Gibney, editor of Newsweek [Can photograph Maria Callas and Renata Tibaldi -
but never together as you ask...], March 1956
Letter from Terry, Newsweek, to CHIM, [undated]
Letter from Terry, Newsweek, [with a side note from Harriet], to CHIM, [undated]
Letter from Eileen Shneiderman to Curtis Pepper, Newsweek, [asking about CHIM Rome book project], Feb. 1959
Letter from C. Pepper, Newsweek, to Eileen Shneiderman, [Not enough material for a Rome book at present],
Feb. 1959