CV, Documents & Misc.

Student card , Université de Paris, Carte D’Entrée aux Travaux Pratiques, 1931-1932
Student book - livret Universitaire with a picture of CHIM, 1931-1932
National Union of Students of Poland, 1932
Student card, Université de Paris , Carte d'immatriculation, 1932-1933
"Une exposition de photographies" Galerie de la librairie E.S.I, Nov. - Dec. 1933
Polish Identity card, 1934
Student card, Université de Paris ,Carte d'immatriculation, 1934-1935
Newspaper article with CHIM's notation about the murder of priests in Spain, April 1937
Camera License for CHIM's Leica in Catalunya, Oct. 1938
CHIM's Polish Passport, 1939-1940
French Identity card, 1939-1942
Notes by CHIM's sister - founded Leco, 1942
Cerificate of Naturalization, May 1943
Postcard for LECO "Merry Christmas & Happy New year", 1945
Military record and report of separation, certificate of service in Military Intelligence , Dec. 1945
United States Army appointed David Robert Seymour as Second Lieutenant, June 1947
Agreement between Magnum and photographers, June 1947
CHIM inventory of personal effects - customs declaration in London, Sept. 1947
CHIM Passport n°50276, 1947-1949
Hotel bill, Albergo D'Inghilterra, Rome for CHIM, April 1949
Pamphlet of an exhibition in Paris "Quelques images de Hongrie" of photos by Robert Capa, Jean Reismann,
David Seymour - Unesco / Magnum, April 1949
CHIM US Passport n°327, 1951-1955
World exhibition of photography, Lucerne, Oct. 1952
List of CHIM's photographic equipment, Jan. 1953
Program for luncheon given by Gen. Omar Bradley in honor of the 1st Ukrainian Army Group. Entertainment by
Jascha Heifetz and Mickey Rooney, May 1945
Billing for a rented apartment in Rome, May 1955
Card issued by The Ministry of Transportation in Rome, 1956
Invitation for the wedding of Emanuela di Castelbarco, [Toscanini's granddaughter], and Luigi Filippo d'Aquarone,
April 1956
US customs: export registration, list of goods, June 1956
Facture Epoca, Aug. 1956
Invitation for photokina, Sept. - Oct. 1956
Hotel Bill for CHIM, Ledra Palace, Nicosia, Nov. 7, 1956
CV, BIO, exhibitions
Litvak Movie, "Story"
12th Army Headquarters, Bronze Star Medal
Text in French: Monastères des Neteores en Thessalie
List of CHIM's photographic equipment, [undated]
List of CHIM's photographic equipment, [undated]
Leco Service Bill
List of clippings and photos
Restaurant card and location in Orvieto - CHIM did a story about the young son of the owner who did English tours of the Cathedral without understanding a word he said
Holy week in Sicily - notes by CHIM
Notes on sheet
Press article - "Vatican photo book is a camera Lesson" by Mabel Scabelli, [photographs by David Seymour]
Dickson Jay Hartwell, UNICEF
CHIM CV - written by CHIM during or shortly after World War II
New York Law Journal, article, [Life insurance after cease-fire agreement], Nov. 17, 1961