Letter from Magnum announcing CHIM's death, Nov. 1956
Inventory of CHIM's personal effects, sent by the American Consul in Cyprus, Nov. 1956
Letter from Jean Zimmermann vice consul of the US Consulate in Cyprus to Eileen Shneiderman in NY stating that
CHIM's personal effects will be forwarded to her, Jan. 1957
Announcement of the military ceremony after the death of CHIM and Jean Roy in Port Fouad, sent from Port-Said
in English and from Nicosia in French
Description of ceremony at Port Fouad over caskets of CHIM and Jean Roy for The New York Times
Retyped excerpts from condolence notes from CHIM's friends: Peter Pollack, Edward Steichen, Corbin Gwaltney,
[Johns Hopkins University], and William Richardson
Two Western Union Telegrams Condolences sent to Eileen Shneiderman from - Elliot Erwitt and Charles E. Rotkin
This Week Magazine, Lee Schoenberg to Trudy at Magnum - condolence letter
Condolence letter from Corbin Gwaltney to Mrs. Shneiderman, May 1957
News clipping about CHIM from World Journal Tribune, Nov. 10, 1966